Rescue Group (Inc) - Success Stories 4

.....because every dog deserves a place to call home! 

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Dollar now Archie

Just thought we'd send in some pictures of dollar, who we renamed Archie settling into our home, and he has done exceptionally well so far.  
He has grown very fond of our other dog - Amy, aged 7 who has taken on the role of his surrogate mother.
He is very smart and already learnt not to go to the toilet in the house. He is yet to become used to our cats, but no doubt this will happen over time.
He has won us all over and are in love with him.
Thanks Sarah, Jane, Hannah and Steve

wuff wuff I'm Lennox I'm so happy with all my other friends we all wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Brigitta and Urs




Happy K9 Story!,  had  a  lovely  visit,  Polly  is  lovely  and spoilt,  she  is  a  lucky little  dog



Turbo came to live with us on 10/1/09.  From day one, he brought us lots of love and joy.  He loves his walk and travelling in the car. We take him in the car to wherever possible. Thank you K9 for giving us the opportunity to adopt wonderful dogs like Turbo.
Regards June


Hi everyone at K9 rescue!! 

Sorry my mum has taken soooo long to let you know how I am going in my new home.
After a rocky start with infected stitches and being otherwise a bit down I am now very happy in my new home in Albany. 
I love jumping on the trampoline with my two little boys as well as long walks and staying at the family golf course where I can watch all the kangaroos and talk to loads of friendly people. 
I had a great Christmas so thought i would send you some photos! 
Thankyou for all the love and attention you gave me and also allowing my new family to put me on hold while they travelled from Albany.
I know that I bring them a lot of happiness as they do me.
I will send you more updates with time.
Regards, Ellie



Amzon now Buster
We adopted Buster in september 2008 when he was just a little puppy with lots of bald patches from skin mites. As you can see from the pictures he now looks like a completely different dog! He has grown into the most beautiful little guy. He is so loyal and friendly and loves nothing more than lots of cuddles and attention. He is so much fun and he has brought so much life to our home.
He is well and truly one of the family and my partner and I honestly wouldn't know what to do without him. He still has the same puppy spirit he had when we got him, and he just doesn't realise quite how big he is! He still likes to come and sit on your lap for a stroke and a belly scratch, but at 35 kilos that is definitely a bit of a challenge these days!!!
Thank-you so much K9 for helping us find the most perfect edition to our family. You do such a fantastic job taking in and looking after all these dogs, and if it wasn't for you we never would have found our wonderful friend Buster. Keep up the good work!
Sheryl and Fede.


Olivia now Lilly
Just a quick email to let you all know that Olivia (now Lilly) is safe, well fed and happy as can be. she has become the focal point of my day and my best mate. it took a week of so for her to really come out of her shell and feel comfortable in her new home but now is a whirlwind of fresh air. now that she realises that i always come home to her and that there is no need to run away when i go to work. every morning I'm greeted with the sound of her tail happily slapping the walls as she walks into my bedroom and itches to go for her morning walk. Ive added a couple of pics of her in her new home so you can see just how happy and loved she is.

thanks to everyone at K9. keep up the good work, it makes the world of difference to those like Lilly and myself



Kristina now Teyla
My Husband & I visited K9 Rescue in August 2009, We adopted Teyla ( Her original name was Kristina). She was original going to be adopted to another family, but on this day they had changed their minds & went for another dog, My husband was so happy as he seen her picture on the website & fell in love with her. She was so active & happy this day when we meet her. I Just had to have her. We brought her home that day, she was happily exploring her new home, when she found a ball & grabbed it & it squeaked, it made her jump. Took her a little bit to get used to the squeaking toys that we had around the house. Teyla & my husband play fetch together every evening, we think Teyla would like to play for hours on end.  From the first day that we brought her home Teyla & my husband have been inseparable, if he would lay on the floor Teyla would go jump all over him then lay on him. 3 Months later we adopted another dog privately. They play together a lot.

We sent you a picture of Teyla, with her new sister, Buffy.
Chris & Jenny


Oswald now Ozzy

We adopted Ozzy (formerly Oswald) two weeks ago.  Ozzy had been at K9 for four weeks which remains a mystery to us as he is such a wonderful boy and a perfect addition to our family!
Ozzy is very playful and has so much personality he always makes us laugh.  He loves playing in his clam pools (blowing bubbles like a fish) and running around our yard playing chasey or tug of war.  At nights, Ozzy loves nothing better than cuddling up with us on the couch while watching tv.  He is  very smart and seems to understand every word we say - we are sure he is part human! 
We get many comments on what a beautiful dog he is when we take him out!  We just love him to bits!  Here are a few pics of Ozzy at play.
Thankyou K9 for everything.  You do a fantastic job!
Richelle & Manfred
March 2010



Hi.  Remember Me? Murphy!  Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I am going.  Well, as you can see................LIFE IS GREAT!! Ii have even put on a few kilos.  My mum and dad take me on long walks and give me lots of cuddles.   Thank you for looking after me untill I found a new home.  Time to go have a sleep in my new airconditioned home.  Lots of love Murphy.



My partner Grant and I would like to thank all the staff at K9 for helping us find our new addition Ringo, he is the perfect dog, never barks, comes when called, is house trained and knows the basic commands. We were a bit worried he might cry or bark on his first night, but we put him to bed and he didn't leave the bed all night and went straight to sleep. He loves other dogs and is definitely a softie, he gets a lot of cuddles and we love him to bits. Thank you so much to everyone at K9 for all of their help, we are very grateful.
Kailie & Grant



Hi everyone at K9 rescue just to let you know how Pebbles is getting on. We have had a good time with pebbles paying and walking. She is very inquisitive and we feel she is very happy and settled in with us. Saying that I have rely enjoyed my too days off and felt I have done something, so that is a good thing for me to. She sleeps on the couch on a knight and in the morning she comes in to the bedroom and wakes me up so she can go out the back yard and have her breakfast, after that she just wants to play
with us. She get 2 walks a day and when we have to leave her she is very happy to go out the back with her 5 new toys and play. We will be in touch and as I said when we are going out for the day and passing we will bring her in to see you all.

Thanks. Chris & Tina

Lady now Mia
We adopted Lady ( staffy x ), now named Mia a month ago and wanted to let you know that she has settled in well and best buddies with our other dog Maddie ( blue heeler x kelpie ) that we adopted from k9 in 2004.
Mia has adapted well to her new life with us , we are on a small acreage and although i was a little concerned that she may wander, she is quite happy to hang out with our other dog and never strays, she is my shadow around the house and is a very affectionate little girl, and she prefers to be inside . We love our girls and they are very much a part of our family.
 We are so thankful to all at K9 for looking after Mia until we found her, you all do such a great job out there and we are all so fortunate that there are special people like you to care for our four legged friends. 
 Thankyou The Robertson Family

I just wanted to let you all know how Boss is going. First of all, Thank you so much for allowing us to take home such a fantastic boy. We all love him and he has settled into our family very well. He just loves cuddles and kisses and hasnt got a mean bone in his body. He and our dog Jazz love playing together and get on so well. We wouldnt be without him and it's sad that his family had to let him go, but if you are in contact with them, please assure them that he has a great home and is well loved.  
Take care of yourselves and once again... thank you.  
Kind regards, Cheryl


Montana now Monty
I've been meaning to email you for the past 4 yrs...I adopted Montana ( now called Monty ) Feb 06 from your shelter when he was 8 weeks old. He's been a joy to my life since. He's extremely intelligent and affectionate and I can't imagine life without him. He's gone on to do well in his agility training, as he's very fast and smart!!!
Thank you for introducing him into my life....he's my baby.
Thanks Nichola